Tree Protection & Management Plans (TPMP)

A Tree Management Plan (TMP) is a document that is produced when required as a condition of the planning permit. It details the specifics of the entire tree management process from pre-demolition until the competition of landscape stage, for all trees being retained within the development. It is fundamentally based on the recommendations in the arboricultural impact assessment however it contains more detail and a chronological timeline for every component of the development.

Root investigation reports


A root mapping report identifies the location of roots within a Tree Protection Zone (TPZ). AS 4970-2009 states that some encroachments into the TPZ of trees being retained are allowable if the project arborist has investigated sufficiently and can prove that despite the encroachment, tree retention is viable. By utilising non-invasive excavation methods that wont damage the root system, the exact location of roots can be determined which often will allow for a significant encroachment into the TPZ.

Depending on the site specifics and the volume or size of vegetation being retained, this exercise could mean the difference between getting 2 dwellings or 3 dwellings on your development site.