Arborist reports

Arborist reports for home owners, managers of work places, persons in charge of retirement villages and golf courses, school principals, builders, developers and architects...

Every arborist report that is produced is in accordance with the Australian Standard for Protection of Trees on Development Sites AS 4970-2009. This is the most current and well accepted report standard that municipal council authorities expect.

Here are some examples of different types of arborist reports that might suit your needs – feel free to get in touch for more advice or to tailor something that is perfect for you.

How much do arborist reports cost?

The cost of an arborist report varies depending on what is required. Most councils have different guidelines and requirements for impact assessments and other styles of arborist reports. If you have a RFI from council, that can be helpful - otherwise, give me a call to discuss your specific needs and I can provide an accurate quote on that basis.


You may need this sort of report when applying to the council for tree removal on your property.


If you are planning a development or are in the process of a planning permit submission - this is for you.


Another couple of reports that may be required by council as part of your development process and application.