Arborist reports to supplement council tree removal applications

It is likely that the vegetation on your property is protected by a local law or planning scheme and as such, you (the land owner) need to seek permission from the council or governing body prior to having a tree removed. There is a substantial variance in the way trees are protected from council to council - it can depend on your address and/or the type or the size of the tree(s). If you’d like to know what vegetation is protected on your land or already know that you need a report to comply with the permit application requirements, give me a call.

A few examples of local laws and planning overlays that control vegetation removal in different municipalities throughout Melbourne include:

  • Frankston City Council Tree Protection Local Law 2016 No 22,

  • Whitehorse Planning Scheme: Schedule 9 to clause 42.03 Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO9)

  • Monash Planning Scheme: Schedule 1 to clause 42.02 Vegetation Protection Overlay (VPO1)

  • Maroondah Planning Scheme: Schedule 3 to the Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO3).

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