Project Arborist services

What to expect from Nick - Progressive Trees as your Project Arborist?

My role as a PA is to be an advocate for trees during the construction process which in essence can be somewhat complicated to enforce with construction staff due to the sometimes slow and laborious construction techniques that are required. I also understand the need for practicality and compromise where possible provided trees can be looked after. 

As such, throughout the construction process, I'll work with you - not against you. The trees will be looked after to maintain your planning permit but equally importantly, I'll ensure that time and money is not wasted unnecessarily with unnecessary construction methods. I also know the process very well so I can limit the PA contact hours required as much as possible to save you money.

What else can Progressive Trees offer?

Aside from overseeing and certifying the tree protection measures, I also offer the design, supply, installation, check-ups and signing off on all tree protection measures including fencing, mulch, signage, irrigation, ground protection and anything else you might find in your TMP.

Project Arborist - FAQ

Why do I need a Project Arborist?

Planning permit approval is subject to certain conditions. A common requirement once approved is for a Project Arborist (PA) to be engaged to oversee the development, specifically when there may be an impact to trees. This is determined by the Tree Management Plan (TMP) that has been produced in accordance with the Australian Standard for Protection of Trees on Development Sites AS 4970-2009. 

What does the Project Arborist do?

The PA's role will vary from site to site depending on the size of the land, type of development and quantity / significance of vegetation. In general however, the role involves a couple of main elements:

  1. Supervising works near or within Tree Protection Zones (TPZs). This will have been approved by the responsible authority / project arborist prior to works and subsequently stipulated within the TMP. The aim is to ensure 'construction methods / procedures are followed. For example, if 'non-destructive demolition techniques' are recommended, then supervision of contractors to ensure tree roots are not damaged with heavy machinery would be required.

  2. Overseeing the installation, regularly conducting check-ups and certifying as to the effectiveness and quality of tree protection measures implemented.

How much do Project Arborist services cost?


PA services vary in price depending on site supervision hours required and the complexity of tree protection measured. The most accurate way to price the PA requirements for your development is to provide me with your TMP if you have one already. From that I can work out the finer details and provide you with the best and most efficient PA pricing.

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