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Pre–design / pre-purchase assessments

Pre-design and pre-purchase assessments involve collecting data on trees that may be affected during a potential development. The report highlights the trees worthy of retention so that they can be incorporated into any potential design. With this:

  • You won’t waste time and money by having plans drawn up that will inevitably get rejected because of impacts to high value trees. Also, councils tend to respond well to these assessments as it shows the planning permit applicant is being ‘pro-active’ in tree retention.

  • You won't waste time and money on a property containing high value trees that you'll be forced to retain.


If you are a builder, developer, architect or anyone else and are intending on making a planning application, commissioning this report is a great investment so you can design around 'retention worthy trees' at the infancy stage of planning.

This report is sometimes referred to as a ‘Pre-development tree assessment / Pre-development tree survey’ or ‘Pre-development vegetation assessment / Pre-development vegetation survey’.

Arboricultural impact assessments

Arboricultural impact assessments are produced to submit with the planning application after proposed design plans have been drawn up.


By using the guidelines provided by AS 4970-2009, it demonstrates how trees will be affected by the proposed design. The report makes recommendations regarding the retention of high value and 3rd party trees and discusses the most 'tree sensitive' design & construction methods that would be required to do this.

This report is sometimes referred to as a development impact assessment or a construction impact assessment.