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If you haven't read my Facebook post about the rest of this tree, check it out - https://www.facebook.com/arboristmelbourne.


I arrived to meet the contractors removing the tree and was pleased to see they were using an EWP due to the risk of climbing such a structurally weak tree.

They took me up to have a good look at the branch union before removing the whole tree and I was shocked to see several big issues.

The canker observed from the ground was extensive, covering the whole top (tension) side of the branch union.

The face of the canker was completely dead and had vertical cracks running through it. You can’t see it in the photo but one could easily see daylight on the other side of the tree when looking through the larger crack.

Then below the canker was a huge cavity in the main trunk which connected up to a second cavity on the other side of the tree (further down the trunk). The last photo in the slideshow below is the trunk about 30cm under the branch union. The 2 decayed cavities were very close to joining!

I can’t believe this branch was still attached!

Check out the photos below!

Remember to have your trees checked so problems can get resolved before they get this bad! Read more here:


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